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Author Topic: Sam Fish Mk1 Race Car  (Read 351 times)

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Re: Sam Fish Mk1 Race Car
« on: September 17, 2012, 06:56:45 pm »
So I got a race in this year!
Brands GP at the weekend. Nick Penfold was also out in his Mk1. And Rob Fardon was out in his Mk1, in the saloon race - full or everything! 40+ cars on track!
There where 28 or so in the VAG Trophy. Brands GP is a bloody great track, and really good for racing on.

My car is going really well. I separated the airflow from the rad and airbox finally, so I guess that made a bit of a difference. I really need a diff now though. And I need to loose some weight from the car - which could be something nice to tinker with over the winter... not that I ever have time. I came in at 920kg with some spare fuel, and me inside.
I had a good hard race with a few different cars, fairly close at times.

My Doors are totally standard, and weigh as much as a horse. So they will be chopped about a bit. I HATE sliders in plastic windows, but I may be tempted to go down that route to save a bit more weight.
The tailgate will get its' plastic window fitted, and will also see a session with the angle grinder.

Not sure what to do with the bonnet. I guess I need a fibreglass one, but that is more money I would rather spend on tracktime, or a DIFF!

Other than that, I may swap some steel bits for aluminium here and there.... and removed the spare harness eyelets from the interior. Not sure how much the wing mirrors weigh?? I could swap them with a couple of carbon ones I have.

The main weight is in the bigger brakes, and the bigger wheels. Mine are not too bad for 15x7's, but it would weigh alot less with P-slots and the smaller tyres!

I left the steel bumper support behind the plastic, as i thought it would help if I had a little bump here and there. Glad I did in the end, as i gave somebody a bit of a nudge mid corner. They didn't go sideways, just forward. Not sure what it would have looked like with some lightweight aluminium bumper supports.... so I may go against convention and leave the steel lump there for now.

The list goes on!
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