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Author Topic: Sam Fish Mk1 Race Car  (Read 351 times)

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Re: Sam Fish Mk1 Race Car
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:33:01 pm »
With hooligan driving you want girders not bumpers!!

So about this weight...around 840 without you then?

Mk1's with a cage and fairly stripped are around 780 with glass still. I saved 8 kilos with a fibreglass bonnet so worth the effort. Lighten the std tailgate. .a fibreglass one is only 1.5 kilos lighter...the weight is in the glass...6 kilos worth!

Door glass is something like 5 kilos each and the rear 1/4's about 4 each. Obviously putting perspex back will add weight but I think the saving is around 12-14 kilos. .worth doing for sure. You could have a swinging port hole instead of sliders. .Im with you on that!

7x15 dynamics wheels are about 7-7.5 kilos. .bet the beemer rims are more!...unsprung and rotating mass there.

Then of course there's more power to come... 8)


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