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Author Topic: Sam Fish Mk1 Race Car  (Read 351 times)

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Re: Sam Fish Mk1 Race Car
« on: September 18, 2012, 07:54:18 am »
Ha. Yeah, I may leave the girder there!

Yeah, I need to get to 840 with driver (I am 80kg I think). Or 890 if I fit a LSD.
The BMW wheels are 7.8'ish when I weighed them, so not much more than the Team Dynamics surprisingly.
Maybe worth going for a lighter bonnet then.

I need to be able to wave out of the drivers window if I understand the blue book correctly (must be to allow rude gesturing if somebody hits me), so sliders or winders are the only way - on my side at least.
Rotating porthole on the passengers side though :)

Cheers Jason.
Racing = No food on the table at the moment. So that is me done for this year I reckon.

Nick and Rob are both up for a trackday sometime before next season, could be March time for me. Would be good to get a bunch of competition Mk1's together for a magazine.


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