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Author Topic: New engine build: 1588cc Flat tops chambered, Judd Longman 48's..interesting?  (Read 357 times)

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Not been on here for a long long time.
Anyway, that promised update, somewhat late..
Like everyone, at home tinkering..
The race EG got finished, built and is in my very light, very old competition car.
Spec: went with the longman flat head, near flat piston tops, GS6, 45 DCOE's and 4:1
Surprisingly flat torque curve at the top end, sounds good
Only 150hp ish though, slightly disappointing.
Used it a Croft British championship sprint, but it got rained off, easter couple, few years ago.
The car is ready to sprint, rallycross, autocross (configuration tweeked to suit obviously..) but
a real lack of clubman events around these days.
Being 1600 doesn't really fit 2020 classes any more.
Anyway, two other additional reasons for posting;
1. Need a 020 JMR gear linkage for the new project
2. New project is another race/rally/track/etc mk1, maybe post a new thread, if anybodies interested..


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