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CHASSIS / Factory Audi TT-RS racer bespoke FWD suspenson
« on: February 08, 2014, 09:15:10 pm »
Apparently the fastest FWD racer there has ever been - quicker than GT3's in the wet round the ring

Totally bespoke front suspension from Audi Sport using Revo-knuckle type design.....this is the future lads!

ENGINES / Bioethanol and E85
« on: November 10, 2013, 10:26:45 am »
Hi All

Have had a thought project ongoing for some time about using ethanol to power my car, or more specifically E85, 85% anhydrous ethanol, 15% petrol. This was available in uk a few years ago at the pump, mainly at Morrisons Supermarkets, but now i dont think it is. It is however available all over Europe at about 1euro per liter.

Why is this if interest to performance car buffs? Well it has high octane, and runs very cool not unlike methanol. But it doesnt have the downsides of methanol such as hydroscopic nature, and it doesnt rot everything it contacts.

My engine man has done several race motors now to run E85 and says its fantastic. But, to get the most out if it, an engine has to be built to run it, high compression and with at least 30% more fuel flow capability. Mapping is different to petrol.

So.....i have been in discussions with msa about using it and they are ok with the idea so long as a specified fuel source is used, and the championship regs say its ok. Its possible this might happen for 2015.

I have found a source where 97% ethanol is available for under £1 per liter. To buy E85 from motorsport fuel suppliers is 3.50-4.50/liter. But i have been told discounts would be available for championship use.

Very interesting stuff, more power, burns lovely, cool running

Watch this space, may well build a alco screamer engine

Ave it


ANY IDEAS? / Forum parts buisness
« on: November 09, 2013, 09:48:15 am »
Hiya, just floating this idea but dont want it to have any impact on Jasons growing buisness at all, idea is to enhance.....but if its stupid, please delete.

Tom has just made those lovely steering rack brackets. I have loads of bits i have had made, eg adjustible arbs. There us a massive shortage of pukka race bits for our cars. How about we make them available here? Also, with the engineering excellence presence, we should fill the gaps for the bits not available today.

I could start a list....but lets see what Jason thinks first.

MOTORSPORT / Satchell pug 205 hillclimber
« on: October 26, 2013, 07:03:30 pm »
Good article in current Performance French Cars (nov/dec 2013) p24-30

Beast of a machine. 280+ hp Sandy Brown engine, 191ftlb, 1997cc (85mm bore x 88mm stroke), 714kg with fluids.

ENGINES / Super waterpumps
« on: October 23, 2013, 08:27:15 pm »

That would be good for a VW.....Brian......please........

ENGINES / Nice ebay engine
« on: August 05, 2012, 09:13:21 pm »

JMR CUSTOMER CARS / Mk2 golf rally car
« on: August 04, 2012, 05:07:05 pm »
Nice results from JMR engine in Mk2 golf rally car  ;D

Manifold suspiciously similar to mine...... ;)

Coincidence?  ;D

MEMBERS MOTORS / Kiwi Seat Ibiza Sprinter
« on: July 14, 2012, 04:29:21 pm »
Hi All

As requested by Jason, thought I would put a few details down about my car. Hope you like it!


•   1996 Model 1.8 16V GTI N247XVV
•   Originally SEAT-UK factory car used for trackdays and demos of new Ibiza (NOT a Super-6 Rally car)
  o   Standard cars with Custom Cages 6 point bolt-in cages
  o   Adjacent registration to N246XVV, factory GpA rally car and later F2 rally car
•   1997 TWMC Saloon Car Championships at Lydden Hill, driver Barry Andrews from the Motorist Center, Canterbury. Class C Champion, 2nd overall.
  o   2L 16V Brian Ricketts BRM180 engine
  o   Suspension by Will Gollop’s GTech Motorsport
  o   Sat unused for 2 years afterwards
•   2000 bought by present owner for trackday use
  o   Engine remapped with Lumenition ECU, 180hp
  o   020 gearbox mods, new clutch, new shocks
  o   Badger-5 DTH 45mm throttle bodies, power +37HP
•   2003 Curborough Sprint Championships, first year for owner in competition. Class 3b champion, 88 points.
•   2004 Curborough Sprint Championships, Class 3b Champion, 110.5 points, 12th overall.
•   2005 Mid Cheshire MC Gold Cup Championship, multi-venue. Hillclimb Champion and 4th overall.
•   2006 Liverpool and Chester MC Speed Championships, multi venue. Blew engine whilst testing before first round.
•   2007 LCMC Champs, 497.14 points, 7th overall, 3B champ
•   2008 LCMC Champs, 493.09 points, 11th overall, 3B champ
•   2009 year out - moved house
•   2010 LCMC Champs, 509.01 points, Overall champion
•   2011 year out - had son No.2
•   2012 LCMC Champs - 504.47 points, 3rd Overall
.    2013 year out - too much work
.    2014 LCMC Champs - ongoing - 402.45 with 2 events to go - (worst score to be dropped, 5 from 6 to count) -


2L16V ‘short block’ Mike Callaghan Motorsport race engine (250HP) with forged high compression Accralite pistons, Carillo H-beam rods, forged VW crank, steel billet Cat cams, Cat cams ‘Gold Series’ valve springs and titanium spring caps, solid lifter big valve head. ARP bolts/studs throughout. Titan F3-type dry sump system with fabricated steel plate sump using VW Synta Platinum oil. 19-row Mocal oil cooler and XSport dry sump tank plumbed with ¾ Aeroquip AQP ‘push-fit’ hose and -12AN fittings. 48mm Badger-5 DTH throttle bodies with custom billet rampipes and ITG F1 DFV ‘dome’ airfilter. Bosch ‘green giant’ multi-pintle 14 Ohm injectors (440cc/min@3bar), 10L round AH Fabrications foam filled fuel tank with baffles, twin fuel filters and Bosch 044 pump. Vauxhall XE coil and Lumenition coil amps, Magnecor KV65 plug leads, Lumenition 451 ECU mapped by Mike Gilman at Mikeanics Motorsport. 8500rpm redline. Inside and outside 4 layer ceramic coated Simpson 4 branch custom stainless exhaust manifold with JP Exhausts custom 2.5” stainless system and single large re-packable silencer. Poly exhaust hangers. Radtec custom WRC-spec core radiator shortened by 100mm over standard fitted with twin 8” slimline fans. 85 degree thermostat.


Aluminium Autotec G60 flywheel precision drilled and secured with ARP bolts. Spec Stage-2 Kevlar VR6-spec clutch. 02a gearbox casing fitted with SQS Racing 6-speed dog-engagement gearset and Quaife ATB diff. Good for about 140mph. Redline Lightweight Shockproof gear oil. SQS racing billet ali lower shift tower support and MTS Motorsport bronze shift fork bushes. Skoda Octavia mag shift tower. SQS Racing seqshift shifter with rose-jointed shift cables and SQS Racing flat-shift module. WOSP 2Kw geared starter motor. Standard VR6 axles and genuine VW CV joints. Full set of race-spec Vibratechnics engine mounts.


Widetrack front suspension using oem Golf VR6 parts. Polyrace front wishbone bushes and Powerflex Audi TT race spherical bearing rear wishbone bushes. Altered front upright geometry. Custom steering rods. Custom blade adjustable front ARB and solidly mounted 25mm Eibach rear ARB. Custom ARB droplinks F+R. Custom revalved Leda front coilovers and Gaz rear coilovers. Custom spherical bearing front topmounts and custom solid rear topmounts. Spherical bearing rear beam bushes. OMP upper (ali) and lower (steel) strut braces. Powerflex front subframe bushes and power steering rack bush. Stoptec ST40 front calipers with Stoptec pads and 330x32mm disks mounted with custom Badger-5 bells and caliper brackets. Mk3 Ibiza Cupra rear hubs and disks with Pagid pads and new rubber hoses. 23mm master cylinder. ABS removed and system replumbed to F/R split with bias adjuster. Regularly changed Halfords Dot 5.1 high performance fluid.

Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 wheels, 8x17 ET35 with variety of slicks and wets 240/610-17 BTCC/WTCC sizes.


Fibreglass bonnet and F2-style wide fibreglass/kevlar front wings. Standard GTI front bumper modified to fit arches and smoothed for improved aerodynamics. Headlights removed and fiberglass front grill fitted with brake ducts. Standard doors and hatch lightened internally. Perspex windows throughout except drivers window and front screen. Sunroof and mechanism removed. Removable plywood/kevlar flat front floor and splitter solidly mounted to chassis legs. Plastic aero side skirts. Side mirrors removed for aero and replaced with blanking covers.


All excess brackets, sound proofing, trim and wiring removed. Electric windows and heater retained. OMP race seat with Luke 6-point harness. Seatsport carbon fibre foot plate and clutch foot rest. Extra seat, harness and footrest for passengers when on trackdays. OMP plumbed-in fire extinguisher and additional hand-held extinguisher. OMP deep dish suede steering wheel. Additional gauges for oil pressure, A/F ratio, volts, and Datatool motorbike programmable shift light. Odyssey Extreame Racing 30 battery. Enclosure for oil dry sump tank and fuel tank. Custom Cages 6 point roll cage.

Personal Best Times

Aintree - 2.53 / 50.75 (April 2014)
Anglesey National Double Lap - 60.42/124.05 (June 2014)
Anglesey GP Single Lap - 102.46 (2012), 112.70 v.wet (June 2014)
Curborough Single Lap - 2.59 / 35.82 (2010)
Curborough Double Lap - 64.16 (think it was 2007)
Curborough CGTI equivalent - 27.78
Scammonden Dam - 29.29 (Wet; 2005)
Loton Park - 2.61 / 25.04 / 62.93 (2007)

Only time I have drag raced it was GTI International in 2012. 0-60 5.28, 1/4 mile 13.89. Lots of wheelspin, 2-degrees negative camber not helping as left set up as used normally for sprint events.

ANY IDEAS? / New posts function
« on: July 13, 2012, 10:07:08 pm »
So when you pop by to check, can quickly see new posts

ENGINES / 8v engines: how quaint
« on: July 13, 2012, 03:55:30 pm »
When 16v heads are available, why waste all that time and effort on 8v heads?


What am i missing?

ENGINES / Lightweight alternator kit
« on: July 07, 2012, 08:32:12 am »
Cummon JMR, make us a lightweight alternator kit......v belt and wide belt versions please!

I'll take one now  ;D



ENGINES / geared starter motors
« on: July 07, 2012, 08:30:03 am »
Sometimes my car is a swine to start. Imagine this is due to high CR. What are folks usung in race motors for starters? Is a geared one available somewhere?

CHASSIS / Hillclimb tyres
« on: July 07, 2012, 08:27:46 am »

Conventional wisdom suggests that Avon crossplies are the way to go, usually supersoft A15 or A39 compound. Personally i dont get on with them, but maybe thats because my car is too heavy at 950kg. Radials are better for me, but supersoft compounds are scarce. Have used michelin moulded rally slick NO2 to some success, and similar Dunlop CR311 in 'wet' X22 seems good, although i have not personally used it.

What are your experiences?



« on: June 24, 2012, 09:13:11 pm »
Great to finally chat to you Jason at Inters and see the lovely heads you are working on.

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