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MOTORSPORT / Demise of the Dunlop VAG we know it
« on: January 05, 2015, 06:05:59 pm »
So some of you in the know may have heard some rumours of drivers being unhappy with the way the current owner ran the championship in 2014 after buying it from John Hillon.

Well as a result of said persons attitude the majority of the field has decided to walk away from the championship and one of the well connected drivers has organised for a breakaway series to be run by the Classic Touring Car Racing Club....the series will be cheaper to register for and will be cheaper to enter each round which will all be double headers of 15min races, with the option to also race in Thunder saloons for 1/2 price during same meetings  :)

It's a great shame that we have been forced to take such drastic action, however unfortunately the current owner is a complete ****!

I will keep you all updated as and when any further information becomes available.



THE JMR ZONE / Happy New Year 2014
« on: December 31, 2013, 12:51:05 pm »
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!.....I know it's early but I'll be out later so thought I'd get it in now.. ;D

GENERAL CAR CHAT / Online VAG Parts Catalogue
« on: November 14, 2013, 09:06:26 am »

For all those that don't have access to a version of ETOS or ETKA I thought this website may be of use, it covers the VAG range and also BMW  8)


Tim  ;D

ANY IDEAS? / Can we have an electrical section please?
« on: October 27, 2013, 09:57:42 am »

Could you ask if we can have a electrical section setup please?



ANY IDEAS? / General chat section
« on: October 19, 2013, 11:11:09 pm »
As the number of members has grown a lot recently I'm wondering if it's maybe time for a 'general chat' section where people can blow off some steam about non car related stuff?  I'm not talking naked women, drugs, sex and rock n roll........sorry Jase ;)  ;D

JMR CUSTOMER CARS / Tim's Mk1 Race Car build thread
« on: June 08, 2013, 11:07:11 pm »
So I thought it about time I start a thread on my new race/track car....plan is to enter it in Class A of the VAG Trophy Championship next season...but still got a load of work to do before then!  I'm hoping to have it up and running by end of August fingers crossed....hope you are reading this Mr Moyle  ;)

So a bit of history about the car....

I bought the car as a bare rolling shell in 1996, with no interior, glass or engine.  The shell is a genuine Campaign edition EW chassis and it's been dry stored in the Forest of Dean since I got it.  I had always wanted to turn it in to a track/race car but have just never got round to it......until about three years ago when I decided if I don't make a start on it I never will!

I had already started hoarding bits to go on and in it over the years.....

  • Fibreglass bonnet, tailgate, wings, doors and Berg cup arch kit
  • Polycarbonate window set
  • Heated front windscreen
  • Carbonfibre interior trim panels
  • Stack ST8100 digital race dash
  • 2.0l Audi ABK tall block
  • Forged Wiseco pistons
  • Forged H-beam con rods
  • Lightened, knifedged and balanced 2.0l forged crank
  • JMR baffled sump
  • Various 8v x-flow heads (including two OBD1 ABA heads imported from the US)
  • Two full sets of Supertech valves - one set 40/33 and second 42/35.....two heads will be built up eventually  ;)
  • Two sets of Supertech valve springs and titanium caps
  • A set of Supertech solid followers
  • Kent GS6 race cam
  • Modified Ashley race exhaust manifold (ex TonyB....cheers Tony  ;))
  • Jenvey ITBs
  • Emerald K3 ECU
  • 02K gearbox, re-built by Hotgolf with 4.25:1 FD, 8v GTI 3rd/4th gears, 16v 5th gear and Quaife LSD (another thanks to TonyB for the diff  ;D)
  • Custom one off 02K gearbox mount
  • JMR front and rear engine mounts
  • Gaz coilover suspension
  • Eibach ARBs
  • Full set of poly bushes
  • New wishbones - seam welded
  • Custom balljoint spacers and early Mk2 balljoints
  • HRP bias pedal box
  • Wilwood 4-pot Dynalite calipers
  • Seat Ibiza Cupra rear hubs, calipers and disc conversion
  • Modified front hubs to take 100mm CV driveshafts, rebuilt with new bearings and hubs
  • Genuine VAG rack with Quaife quickrack, Mk2 trackrods and rosejointed ends
  • Solid alloy steering mounts
  • OMP FIA 6-pt bolt in cage with additional bracing and door bars
  • Sparco fibreglass bucket seats
  • Sabelt 6-pt harnesses

Eventhough the shell has been dry stored for so long the dreaded tin worm had made an appearance on the floorpans, so new complete floorpans were sourced for both sides and fitted, this actually saved the job of removing the original seat runners which won't be needed due to using side mounted bucket seats  ;)

Work completed on shell so far

  • Front scuttle has been removed and smoothed
  • Rear arches have been tubbed
  • Brace has been fitted between the rack mounts
  • Sunroof mechanism has been removed
  • Front turrets have been seam welded
  • Underseal/sound deadening material has been removed from front inner wings, interior and under car
  • All unnecessary/unneeded brackets have been removed
  • All fibreglass panels fettled and trial fitted
  • Cage mounting points plated and strengthened
  • Seat rails added
  • Ballast mounting studs added between passenger seat rails (in case I need to carry any ballast due to power to weight regs for championship  ::))

Still got a lot to is being widetracked significantly to fill the Berg cup arches and need to sort some custom driveshafts or find some to suit....

I'll try and get some pics up of the car and engine bits when I get a chance to get them hosted so keep your eyes peeled on should be going for paint in a couple of weeks  ;D

Oh and if you were wondering why I started the thread in the JMR customer cars section.....Jason will be building the engine that will be going in the car using the bits I've supplied above.  Pistons and block have already been decked to get the CR we will be targeting of 12.5ish:1 , the head will be a 8v x-flow head treated to some time on the grinding bench with Jason listening to Wham.... :P
A custom JMR inlet will join the ITBs to the head, I dropped the laser cut flange profiles down to Jason a few weeks back!  The target for the initial build using the 40/33 valve sizes is around the 200bhp mark with more to come with the upgrade 42/35 head  :o

MEMBERS MOTORS / RE1900 8v Mk1 Campaign
« on: August 27, 2012, 02:43:46 pm »
After much nagging from Jason I thought I would start a mini build thread for my 1983 Diamond Silver Mk1 Campaign.

I've owned the car since 2000, having stumbled across it for sale down in Bristol in the local was advertised as an accident damaged Mk1 GTI for 600 so I thought it was worth taking the short drive from the Forest of Dean down to take a look.  Story was his girlfriend had been driving it and had hit a curb and he thought the chassis was bent, he clearly didn't know much about Mk1s as the chassis wasn't damaged at all....the wishbone had taken full impact and buckled pushing the front wheel back against rear of front wing......after a bit of bartering I secured the car for 440 and said I would pick it up the next day!

Got back and dug out a spare wishbone and wheel I had knocking about.  I made the journey back down the next morning with a friend armed with the replacement parts, a trolley jack, some spanners and borrowed trade plates.  20mins later I was driving it home  :D  Oh and did I mention the chassis number identified it as a Campaign model and it came with all the standard Campaign goodies  ;)

Anyway I had the damaged wing replaced and painted by a friend and drove about in it like this for while....I even did a couple of track days in it at Donington and Cadwell  ;)

When I did Donington the car was completely standard in every way, with the exception of the front spoiler.  While it went OK and was a fun day it made me want more for Cadwell I procurred a St3 bg valve head and Kent GS3 cam (the same one now fitted to the red car on my other thread)....I decided the car looked a little more purposeful with the bumpers removed....the car went even better than before and had some fun chasing down some VR6 engined cars  ;D  Oh yeah and I also fitted an uprated servo and master cylinder as car was only running the standard setup and provided me with a few brown trouser moments at Donny LOL

It was clear following Cadwell that I needed to do something about the suspension and also by this time the bodywork was starting to look a little tired, so the decision was made to send the car off for a bit of a freshen up back in 2009 and as the tired old 1800 was breathing quite heavily I decided an engine re-build wouldn't go amiss while the shell was off being was then that I stumbled across a RE1900 for sale on ebay, the only problem was that some muppet had started to strip it down with a view to re-building it and had lost one of the cam caps  :(  The good bit is that this meant nobody was really bidding on it.....I ended up winning the auction for the princely sum of 60  ;D

After stripping and cleaning everything I found that the pistons were in perfect condition as was the crank, due in the main to the car having been run on Mobil 1 since new!

I proceeded to fit new rings, hone the bores and fit new gasket and bearings all round along with a new oil pump and water pump, I also took the opportunity of fitting a baffled sump and windage tray.  As for the head I sent that down to my friend Mart down in Bridgend and he found a spare cap and re-worked it until a good fit was acheived, it was then given a quick cleanup skim, fitted with new guides and had the seats re-cut to match.  The engine was then built back up with the original Schrick cam and given a coat of blue paint  ;D

While Mart was sorting the head I thought it'd be rude not to get a gearbox re-built by him as well as the one I removed had a dodgy synchro on 2nd & 3rd.  Once I got the car back I decided I would fit a set of OE type side transfers, I got these from Daniel at and have got to say they are great quality and have since fitted a set to the red track car as well  ;)

Since then the car has sat on my drive collecting dirt and grime, the only work completed being fitting of the engine and gearbox and treating it to a set of Pro-Sport uprated shocks and springs (used to be Jamex) complete with new Febi top mounts as well.

Time and space have played a part in not getting it all back together and finished, not to mention that I was made redundant in 2010 so funds have been a bit tight, especially considering I decided to by the red track car and all my money and time got sunk in to that for the past 18mths or so....with that now complete though my attention has now turned back to the Siver one  ;)

As you can see she's looking a little sorry for herself and was covered with grime and green grunge  :(

So I spent a few hours yesterday and all morning this morning giving the car a thorough wash and then hit it with the machine polisher and some Farecla G3 followed by some G10......I started to give it a coat of polish after this but then the rain came  >:(

A hint to what lies under the bonnet...... ;D

Next up is get all the plastic trim cleaned, treated and back on and then move on to the you can see I've got a fair bit of work to do there.....spent quite a few hours on Saturday sorting some electrical gremlins that were causing the dash to throw a wobbly, god I hate auto electrics  ::) LOL

Those eagle eyed of you will see that as well as the GTI Engineering RE1900 engine I have also got a GTI Engineering steering wheel  8)

The plan at the moment is get the car all back together, get it MOTd and then make some use of it for a while  ;D  Ultimately this one may well be going up for sale along with the red Track car to frre up some cash to finish the 'proper' track car  ;)

Hope you enjoyed the read, if anyone has any comments or questions let me know.


« on: August 22, 2012, 12:01:39 pm »
A little birdy tells me it's Jason's birthday today......wasn't sure where to put this so thought I'd drop it in here  ;)

So come on Jason how old are you??

MOTORSPORT / Castle Combe Trackday - 13/08/12
« on: August 02, 2012, 07:27:05 pm »
So between Nick Penfold and Jason I have had my arm twisted behind my back to do the Castle Combe trackday on the 13th be honest it didn't really take that much twisting  ;)

It'd be great if a few more of you guys on here were able to get along.  Nick and I will be there in our respective 8v Mk1s giving it 'full beans'  ;D   

I think I'll start making my excuses now as both Nick and Jason know the track, whereas I have never even been there.....let's see what happens shall we  ;)


JMR CUSTOMER CARS / Tim Moll's Red Mk1 trackcar - SOLD
« on: June 27, 2012, 08:37:30 pm »
I wasn't sure whether to post this in the members section or customers cars.....but seeing as Jason sorted the head that I have fitted to the engine I decided it should go in here  ;)

When I got the car last year it was someones unfinished project....I could see potential in it straight away as the shell was one of most solid Mk1 shells I had seen in a long time. Here are a few pics of what it was like when I got it....

It was polybushed all round and already had coilovers fitted, albeit not correctly or with correct spring rates....but that's a different story!

The engine fitted would have started life as a DX but has been bored out to 83mm with special autothermic pistons fitted, coincidentally Jason is now I believe about to offer these pistons, taking it up to 1900cc  ;)  It came with a Stage 1 ported hydraulic head and Piper fast road cam but the engine was running like a pig and as it wasn't road legal I never got to see what it went like  :(

My first decision was to fit the Stage 3 big valve mechanical head with Kent GS3 cam I had in my parts hoard, but before this was to be fitted I decided to ship it down to Jason for a bit of a re-fresh....good thing I did because despite only having done one trackday on my old engine and one rolling road session since I bought it from another 'reputable' tuner Jason informed me the head had done considerably more and was a real 'lemon' .....the guides were shot to pieces, the stem seals were knackered, the vlave clearances were all over the place and the top hat shims were jammed into the valve spring retainers rather than acting on the end of the stem of the valve  :o  It was lucky the thing hadn't self destructed to be honest, add to this the fact that the valve seats had been cut so deep that the valves were in effect completely say I was angry would be an understatement!  Jason told me not to panic and that while none of the above was ideal he could salvage it and make it what I had orignally paid for....I've got to admit I was sceptical as to me it sounded like it was only good for one thing....ramming it where the sun don't shine on the guy I bought it from lol

Fair play to Jason though because he did exactly what he promised and after I had buretted the cc of the pistons and given him the deck height he calculated how much needed to come out of the head in order to make the most out of the 300deg cam....and yes you guessed it that wasn't originally right either   >:(

Not only did Jason ship me back a head fit for purpose, but it was followed up with aftersales help and advice second to fact he was almost keener than me for it to be up and running  :D

While the head was down with Jase I shipped the car off to a friends bodyshop to get that all came back like this.....

I won't bore you with the rest of the hanging of bits on...just the important engine stuff  ;)

I fitted the head (Jason had already shimmed the cam before sending it back), wrapped the 4-2-1 Magnex manifold, set the cam timing and it fired up pretty much first time  ;D

I've made some subsequent tweaks, such as fitting a 1600 air metering head, relocating the battery so that I could shield the airbox from the engine bay and get a decent cold air feed fitted along with a 16v WUR, altering the dizzy advance curve (again to Jason's recomended settings)

The result of all the work was that the engine produces 155bhp at 6800rpm and certainly puts a huge smile on my face  ;D  I popped my 1/4 mile sprint 'cherry' last weekend at Inters, posting a 6.78sec 0-60 and 1/4 mile in 15.14secs.  Not bad for a first effort and I have no doubt that with better traction (less loud pedal from me lol) the car would be sub 6.5sec and well in to the 14s.

Here's what the car looks like in finished fettle......

And here's a video of it in action last Saturday at Mallory Park where we managed to lap in sub 57secs  :o

I can not thank Jason and JMR enough for all their help and advice.....just to show my commitment to them and their abilities they are already building the engine for my next project....but more about that on another thread....



ANY IDEAS? / User signatures?
« on: June 22, 2012, 07:35:26 am »
Is there any way to set up User signatures......being a newbie I thought I'd ask a newbie


GTI INTERNATIONAL 2012 (COME AND SAY HELLO) / See you there guys!
« on: June 22, 2012, 07:32:14 am »
Hi Jason/Paul,

Looking forward to catching up with you guys at Inters this weekend, we'll be heading over early Saturday evening after we've finished at Mallory, hoping to be onsite by 6.30pm if you want to grab a beer?

Tim  ;D

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