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Author Topic: My Thruxton trackday report from June 2013  (Read 147 times)

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My Thruxton trackday report from June 2013
« on: October 26, 2013, 05:07:46 pm »

Went to Thruxton on the MSE day. I wasn`t concerned with the noise test, although I was a little surprised when the tester told me I was right on the limit at 90dB !

Thinking about it, I should have let it warm up for longer, I`d really only taken it off the trailer and gone for the noise test, with the exhaust cold, it always seems to be a bit noisier, I started to explain that it was usually between 86 and 88, then realised I`d passed, so shut up...  :D

Prior to Thruxton, I had increased the front nearside to -4 degrees camber. I usually run -3.5, but knowing the extra loading put onto that tyre by the circuit, I thought it wise to try and help by adjusting the camber. Seemed to work, whilst the outer edge still took a bit of a hammering, the temps across the tyre were pretty even.  :)

Sighting laps were interesting, made me realise this is one quick circuit. !

One of the oddest feelings I`ve had for a while. My car about to be driven by someone else, I wasn`t even in it !...

It was one of the louder cars, but by no means the noisiest. All that was induction, the actual exhaust noise is low.

Just before lunch, I had a `moment`....  ::)

There is a bloody nasty bump just at the apex. Various damper settings didn`t really make a difference and by mid afternoon, it was having a slight slide everylap.

This was just before lunch, I`d had a less extreme moment a few laps earlier and it wasn`t a shock when it went, I don`t believe i hit the kerb, but just as it was about to straighten, the track feels to fall away a little and I think the rear just touched that tarmac change and went a bit more.

Despite my arm twirling, I couldn`t save it. Quickest off I`ve ever had, everything happens so quickly ! (obviously)

Both Andy and I are well aware of how that could have dug in and gone badly...

Once I knew it`d gone and I couldn`t save it, I stood on the brakes and thankfully the infield was freshly mown grass with no divots so luckily we didn`t dig in..

Alex followed me

Then overtook when I was held up so I followed him for a few laps.

The front bumper needs re-aligning after a trip through the grass at Church...

I`d made a decision early afternoon to lift for Church rather than keep taking it `flat`. The risk vs reward equation just didn`t add up. I`m not racing, I know the corner can be taken flat but the potential for a big accident meant there was no benefit in doing it. If the tarmac was smoother, it`d be easy, but that bump makes it interesting.

In this, the last session of the day, I tried a wider entry mid session, it was worse than the `normal` line, the bump felt worse, so I won`t be trying that again  :D

Whilst I like this camera view, the sound from infront of the ITB`s isn`t quite so good...

Following Alex near the end of the day. I really enjoyed this session !

Oil needed topping up a couple of times and the catch tank needed emptying. Not really sure why, I compression tested the engine and it`s as good as it was when I installed it a couple of years ago. I don`t think the sustained high revs help. Something I`ll keep an eye on, but I`m not overly concerned TBH.

Brakes were superb. Great feel and performance. Matt kept telling me to use them....I need to have confidence in them and brake later and harder. Even when I braked later than usual, I still stopped in time. The pads are performing, it`s just the driver who needs to use them better....  ;D

Measured the pads and they have worn approx 0.75mm in 240 Miles. There are 2 heavy braking areas at Thruxton, but it`s not particularly hard on brakes. That equates to 1mm wear per 320miles.  :)

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Re: My Thruxton trackday report from June 2013
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2013, 10:29:37 pm »
Top effort Nige...

Whats the story with the 328? a bit of BMW urge at the mo.

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Re: My Thruxton trackday report from June 2013
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2013, 05:19:15 am »
That`s just a standard 328i. Got plenty of grunt though.

This is me following the same driver in his M3 at the ring this year, I was driving my sons 328i which we built over last winter...

When I get fed up of the Golf, I`ll be building a 328i to pretty much the same spec. They are popular for a good reason  ;)


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